The College follows all the guidelines, rules and regulations under the ordinance of the Sikkim University, pertaining to the Examinations and the evaluation of the Students. However, College has its own Examination Committee which consists of Officer-in-Charge (Principal),Convener (Vice-Principal), two members from Teaching faculty, one Technical Staff and three supporting staff from non-teaching category.

A continuous assessment of the student is done by the department through regular tests, group discussion, interaction, projects, field based course, assignment etc. Apart from these the College Examination Committee conducts internal and external examinations as per the norms of the Sikkim University. Under this system, each paper consists of 100 marks, out of which the University conducts examination comprising of 50 Marks and the remaining 50 marks is allocated by the College on the basis of Internal Assessment in a form of two sessional test comprising of 25 marks each. For Sessional Test-I, a compulsory written examination is conducted during the month of August and March for Odd and Even Semester respectively. Sessional test-II is conducted in the month of September and April for Odd and Even Semester respectively. As per the norms, College has given autonomy to the various departments of the College to conduct Sessional Test – II in a form of written examination/field based course/ term paper/group discussion whichever is best for the students with prior information delivered to the Officer-in-Charge. The College Exam Committee collects marks scored by the students in both internal examinations from the concerned departments and submits it to the University online.

1. Students who have appeared in both the internal Examinations in all papers are entitled to appear in the End-Semester examinations.

2. 75% of attendance in each paper is mandatory for the students. Student’s attendance is calculated by the College Exam Office before filling-up of the University examination form. Students’ having less than 75% of attendance in any paper is not entitled to sit for the examination.

A part from conducting the internal and university level examinations, the College Examination Committee has maintained a correspondence between the College and Office of the Controller of Examination. The Exam Committee correspondence with the University to solve the problems related to examinations/marks/grade card/ degree certificate. It also orients the students about the semester system, grading system, examination patterns, and the importance of attendance on the very first day of the commencement of every session. It regularly circulates necessary information to the faculty regarding the new regulations of the examination system, through a proper forum.