The mission and ethos of the institution spring from the vision and inspires the institution to move upward with goals and future plans.

Government College Rhenock strives:

  1. To become a centre of academic excellence and provides an ideal platform for higher learning.
  2. To make higher Education accessible to the weaker section of the society and to provide quality education at degree level to students from diverse background.
  3. To provide a platform for students entwined with knowledge that combines the global concern and local needs simultaneously.
  4. To provide an intellectually vibrant and secured space, where in quality education is delivered by well qualified empathic teaching and non-teaching staff members.
  5. To encourage active participation among students belonging to diverse background and potential, through formulated policies that promote access while at the same time enhance the quality of learning.
  6. To make our students skilled graduates.
  7. To develop the research oriented practices which will address and find solution to the on-going social well being issues.
  8. To provide value based education and to develop integrity among all and to enrich moral values and ethics among students.
  9. To establish INFLIBNET for library modernization and digitization as a priority area for improvement of teaching and research programs.
  10. To integrate Undergraduate with Post Graduate Programs by upgrading Government College Rhenock to PG College in future.
  11. To promote and develop leadership quality in students.
  12. To provide a friendly environment where students learn with liberty, integrity, dignity and perseverance.
  13. To spread spiritual values and healthy living through Yoga.