Cells, Units and Clubs:
College has efficient committees and Unit to look after every academic, social, physical and emotional need of students for all round development. The main goals of the committee and unit are as follows –

1. To establish a platform for active and fruitful interaction between the students and teachers.
2. To provide required information about various scope for higher studies and employment.
3. To organize workshops, training, seminars, group discussions and debates on various important issues and to give proper exposure to the students.
4. To identify hidden talents among students and to give them proper guidance, counseling and exposure.

The students counselling cell of the College tries to reach out to the expectations of students by providing information about the subject, clarification of queries and guidance. The cell guides students for future career and extends vocational guidance as well. College invites various experts from different field to interact with the students to help them clarify their queries on career, personal and health related problems etc.

The College provides ample ground for development of co-curricular activities like debate, quiz, seminars, etc. Equipments and facilities for outdoor sports like badminton, football, cricket and indoor games are available for students in the College. Besides sports, College encourages students to pursue hobbies like music, drama, painting, photography and literary activities. The College comes up with wall magazines, annual college magazines and other publications to showcase literary talents and activities.

Students participate in a wide range of creative activities in which they play a pivotal role. The Committees and Units keep the College engaged with creative energy and opportunities for all round development. A student may become a member of any committee he/she choose to be in.

The college maintains various clubs/committees for all-round development of the students. Students are encouraged to participate in various creative activities organized throughout the semester by the committees.
Following are the Cells/clubs/Committees of the College-
1. Literary Committee.
2. Academic Committee.
3. College Cleanliness & Beautification Committee.
4. Sports Management Committee.
5. Career Guidance Cell.
6. Gender Sensitization Unit.
7. Cultural committee.
8. Anti-ragging Committee.
9. NCC and NSS.
10. Eco Club.
11. Meditation and Yoga Cell.
12. Trekking and Mountaineering Club.
13. Photography Club.

Gender sensitization unit:
Gender sensitization unit (GSU) of the College was constituted in the year 2011. The unit very frequently organizes various activities in the College. It provides a space for exploring, sensitizing students to a feminist understanding of their lives and context. This is carried out through poster, painting competitions, special talks, street play, skit, etc. The Unit has been active, since its inception in holding talks, competitions and awareness drives on gender issues. The Unit also organizes interactive session on gender issues for students and staff members.

NCC (Infantry):
The Infantry Senior Wing Girls Platoon was established in the year 2012 under the aegis of Sikkim Girls BN NCC, WB and Sikkim Directorate with the aim of reaching out to girl students of the College, to motivate them towards discipline, courage, leadership, selfless service to society at large and to take up a career in Indian Armed Forces. Since its inception, regular parades, camps, adventure training activities and Certificate Examination are being conducted by the Unit. Cadets of the College have excelled in various activities of the Battalion and have received numerous awards during camp. Many of the cadets aim to become an officer in the Army. At present, it is headed by Associate NCC Officer Lieutenant Ms. GyalmitLepcha, who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science.

The College has a full-fledged National Service Scheme (NSS) unit where interested students are imparted necessary training under a supervision of a trained officer. Moreover, the students render social service both inside and outside the College under the National Service Scheme (NSS). It organizes programmes like cleanliness drive, blood donation camp, AIDS awareness programmes, various relief camp, yoga camp and health related seminars,etc.

Apart from the regular curriculum and co-curricular activities, the College observes Green Mission day once in a year as per the College co-curricular calendar normally during monsoon season. Students are involved in activities like plantation, weeding and feeding to maintain greenery in and around college campus.

There is a provision of State scholarship for SC/ST/OBC/MBC. The students can also avail Central Govt. Scholarships such asIshan-Uday Special Scholarship for North Eastern Region. The local students of Sikkimbelonging to the category of Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste and Other Backward Classes (both Central and State List) can avail Scholarship from the State Welfare Department, Government of Sikkim.

Admission Guidelines for students 2020-2021