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Government College Rhenock Library was established along with the establishment of college in the year 2005, to meet information, academic and research needs of the teachers and students with few collection.

GCR Library provides Books, Journals, Magazine and Newspaper to fulfill information needs of the students and teachers of the college .At present library is functioning as the centre of learning and research.

Library is located above main office building having a floor area of 91.7 ft. length and 52 ft. breadth. The total seating capacity is 100 users at a time. GCR Library has reach collection of academic and Reference Books. It has Circulation, Reading, Reference, e-Library and Reprographic section. Beside this, library is working on the Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).

GCR library Collection

Total number of books: 6,005

Total no of subject-wise books: 3,406

Total no of Reference books: 202

GCR Library has subscription of  Pratiyogita Darpan(monthly),Yojna(monthly), India Today( weekly )and Current Affairs General Knowledge(monthly) beside newspaper(national and local ) on regular basis.

General Rules and Regulation

  • Only Registered Borrower/Users are allowed to use library.
  • Silence should be maintain inside the library.
  • Borrower should put signature in the Visitors Register while entering library.
  • Readers are not allowed to bring their personal belongings like Bags, Personal Books Printed material etc into the library. It should be kept in the rack kept in front of the entrance.
  • Membership card are renewed at the beginning of the academic year. In case of loss Student Identity Card and library membership card, they should reapply it by writing application addressed to librarian.
  • Books are normally issued for seven days to student and thirty days to faculty but rules are subject to change keeping in view the availability of the books.
  • Reference Books Periodicals, Magazines Project Reports and question papers are not issued out. However, in some genuine case they have to take written permission from librarian.
  • Readers / Borrowers must satisfy themselves with physical condition of the books before borrowing.
  • Members are responsible for the loss of book issued against their card.
  • In case of the damage or loss of the books, the book has to be replaced or pay double the cost of book.
  • Reader should not Write in, Mark or Damage Books, Furniture etc.
  • Any misbehavior, Misconduct by the readers is considered serious and if this thing occurred the readers will be suspended for one month from availing library facility.
  • Each and every visitors/ user of library keep in mind that they are under CCTV surveillance.
  • Eating, Sleeping and Talking loudly are strictly prohibited inside the library.

Admission to Library

Students are allowed to enter only on the production of their valid identity card.

Circulation System (Issue/Return)

Books will be issued only on the production of their own membership card. Books will be issued to the faculties for Thirty Days and Seven Days for Students and office staff. Borrower is requested to check the books before borrowing otherwise they will be responsible for the damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return.

Overdue Charge/Fines

Book materials borrowed should be return on or before the due date stamped. Late return will attract fines. The overdue charge is fixed at the rate of Rs 1/- per day both for all users.

Book Lost

If the books are lost then the borrower need to replace the book of same edition or pay double the cost of lost books.

Card lost

A loss of the borrower card should be reported to the librarian. A duplicate card may be issued against the lost card but they will be chard fines fixed by the committee.

Hours of Library

Open on all working days.

Clearance/ No dues Certificate

Each borrower/ user of library shell obtains no dues certificate from the library only after returning all the books and paying all dues under their names.

Borrowing Policy

Sl. No. User Details Maximum no of Books to be issued Duration
1. Teaching Faculty 5(five) One Month (30 Days)
2. Students 1(one) One week (7Days)
3. Office Staff 1(one) One week(7Days)


Library Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation Qualification
1. Ms. Harimaya Tamang Librarian M. Lib. & Inf. Sc, M.A
2. Mrs. Bisnu Dahal UDC Cl – 10 (Passed)
3. Mrs. Nima Doma Tamang Office Attendant Cl – 8 (Passed)

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