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You want to make sure you have a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle in order to prep the nail correctly so everything adheres properly nail art and spa, now the next thing on my list is definitely nail clippers you want to make sure that you purchase a really good nail clipper, this is the bigger one, obviously they offer smaller ones but I do like the bigger option just because you can use it for so much more than just clipping nails I use it sometimes to cut the sides of the tips, it really just depends on what I have in hand and a lot of the time, this comes very much, so in handy because it is bigger, you are able to cut more and it saves you a little bit of time so I do highly recommend you guys make sure you buy yours gel manicure near me.Sells a nail clipper, a good set of nail clippers now for our next item I absolutely highly recommend you guys purchase this.And I’m talking about our craft scissors, these little things come in handy so so much I like to use these to cut the sides of the nails whenever I’m going to be filing into a more tapered shape, it saves me so much time instead of filing it the entire time I also use this sometimes to clip off any excess tip that I do not want just because it is easier a lot of the times versus using nel tip cutters, you’ll see in my videos that I use these a lot instead of the nail tip cutters only because it’s really hard to get in frame with the camera to use my nail tip cutter, so highly recommend you guys make the investment and purchase some scissors and this will make your life so much easier, you can use them to cut transfer foils netting that you might use any nail art stuff, they also come in handy now moving on to our next item I am going to be talking about the cuticle nippers, this is going to be a life changing when it comes to prepping.The nails I personally have kind of strayed away from using them just because I’ve gotten used to prepping with bits, however as a beginner I do highly recommend you guys start off with this until you are comfortable using an e file now onto our nail tip cutters, these things are so amazing, you absolutely should purchase some it makes cutting the tips so much easier as it is shaped perfectly for nail tips and you can easily just cut them now by now and move on with your nail service very very quickly, the next item on my list is nail tips so these are from Amazon and they are really really good, these are the instant perfection stiletto dramatic high-profile arch nell tips by be you so these tips.Are extremely straight and I love me a good pho sculpted look so this is why I recommend these to you guys as you can see.They are extremely straight, they are stil letto, however if you cut the very tip of it off, you get the perfect coffin shape, you get the perfect square shape, they are very very universal when it comes to shaping now moving onto our nail glue I get so many questions on what nail glue I recommend and I have used to throughout my nail career, one was the tami Taylor tip and repair glue I used that for the longest time, but ordering it just kind of seemed a little bit too much of a hassle for me so, I stopped and I switched from that to the young nails brush on glue, so this glue comes in a really nice little bottle and what I really like about it is that you can just. Take that brush it on the nail put it back in you are good to go, another thing that I really like about this glue and the tami Taylor one is for whatever reason, you could leave them open and it does not dry out, so this one I actually never screw on the top whenever it’s on my desk, it literally just sits there and I never have to worry about it getting a sealed together with the glue the tami Taylor tip on repair glue, also I never put the top on it and I just left it as long as you burped the bottle, it is good to go and you are able to use it set after set without it clogging up which I absolutely love a good glue that does not clog up, you can use it for crystals, you can use it for tips, you can use it for all sorts of stuff, so make sure to get yourself a really good glue now moving into files, so if you guys are familiar with my channel, you will note that I absolutely still.And by my tammy Taylor peel n stick files, so here I am showing you these so it comes with a pink just plastic backing to it, this is extremely solid, you’ll see that it barely really bends and then it comes with these disposable files which all you do is take the back of it off.Stick it onto the file, and then when you’re done using it, you just peel it back off and dispose of it, you can sanitize these really well and then move on to your next client and put the next one on I absolutely love these files, it definitely helps when it comes to shaping the nail the sturdier the file is the easier it is going to be for you to file the nail into the perfect shape, highly recommend these absolutely love them, they aren’t really expensive so I also like that about them, now I also have here, these are the profiles backstage files, these are also very very sturdy, absolutely 100% recommend these, these are in 150 grit I also have the hundred grand they are both really really good and what I really like about these files is that they are rounded on the ends of it, this does help if you do not want to prep the nail with an e file on you’re not comfortable with it.You can use this end of the file and just kind of rough up the surface of the nail like that and it will not cut you and it will not hurt you, because the sides are nice and round I will leave everything linked down below don’t forget to use my discount code if you guys are interested in purchasing any of the products now for our beginner acrylic kit, this is from profiles backstage, this is their acrylic teaser kit I highly recommend acrylic kit for beginner nail ticks because this kind of gives you a small portion of product and you can get very familiar with the products, this kit comes with their number ten acrylic brush which I am absolutely obsessed with it comes with their Pro fix which is their bond or or primer and then it comes with a four ounce bottle of their liquid twenty profiles forms and then it comes with three colors, they are.All in one ounce jars which is a really good amount of acrylic, so it comes with their pink white and clear powder and then it also comes with their gel topcoat, this tiny little kid is so good, it’s really really inexpensive, and if you use my discount code you save a little bit more money I want to say it’s about thirty five forty dollars give or take don’t quote me on that, but I will leave the link down below highly recommend this especially if you are a beginner nail Tech, you will not regret this purchase now moving on to our e. file I just want to let you guys know that if you are a beginner nelle, tick and are not comfortable with spending a ton of money on an e file because you’re not sure whether you want to pursue being an l Tech as a career I do highly recommend you guys do your research, get yourself in an expensive e file, that being said I have received an e. file from melody susie I am going to be sharing with you guys, their schematic.And a rechargeable nail drew now before I show that to you guys I want to give you guys a little bit of insight I love being up front with you guys when it comes to any products that I recommend or talk about on my channel, I mean said.I had received this e. file at the beginning of the year they sent it to me to do a review video and you may be wondering why you guys never saw that video, well I tested it out and it just wasn’t working for me so whenever I would set it to a certain speed, it would randomly either go up or go down, so say I set it at about a three it would go up to four sometimes five sometimes go down to two sometimes I would just shut off so I definitely wasn’t comfortable sharing that with you guys because I knew what a pain in the butt, it was going to be to work with and I definitely want you guys to be really comfortable with a product that I recommend.It is very very hard to work with an e file especially if it’s switching speeds on you like that it can become dangerous I did communicate that with them and they were so nice to send me a new one they apologize I am aware of the fact that sometimes products come defective, so I do not like to rush into conclusions at all when it comes to products always give them the benefit of the doubt, they sent me a new one and it seems to be working perfectly fine as you can see it is not loud at all I absolutely love ani file that is very, very quiet, the vibration that comes from the hand pieces, not too crazy, so I do like that as well it’s going to be easy for beginner, now text for you guys to file with this item.It’s perfectly fine, it’s working great I absolutely love the fact that it is a rechargeable e file I’ve had some experience with the coop a manny Pro the rechargeable one.And let me tell you guys the price was not worth it I did not like it, so I do love that this is very inexpensive, this is on Amazon, so I will definitely leave the link down below highly recommend it, it seems to be working perfectly fine, so here I have the profiles backstage manager obit, this is crucial when it comes to prepping the now when it comes to blending the tip when it comes to finish filing, this is their easy off mad robe it and I will say that with their sanding bands, it is the perfect combination, highly recommend them they’re sanding bands are the best I freaking love them so that does lead me into our next product and that is going to be the mint Sanders from profiles backstage, these are a hundred pieces per little package, these are the medium sanding bands, so I like that they are very very fine, they’re not going to hurt your client.Not gonna hurt your natural nail, so I do highly recommend these they are a lot more fun than a lot of the like zebra sanding bands, so I highly recommend these so you basically just place that on there it goes on easily and then when you’re done if it was in the bid it would be a lot easier and then you can just take it off so I do highly recommend both of these items, together they are the best combinations, so make sure to check those out now moving onto my prep it’s if you’re familiar with my channel, you will know that I stand by my prep, it’s they are my favorite I use them all the time, so here I have my needle bit and then I’ve got two of the ball bids so the needle bit I used to go around the cuticle area and scrape off any excess cuticle that might be there or any dead skin, whatever the cases it gets into those hard. To reach areas and then my ball beds are for the cuticle instead of nipping off the cuticle I use these bits because just for me personally it’s a lot easier and I feel like it’s a lot safer to use on the client because I’m used to using an e file, they come in a pack of three which is amazing, they’re very inexpensive and you can find them on Amazon right now that I’m done speaking about the super nail essentials I am going to be giving you guys a little bit of a bonus, so for some other products that I do, highly recommended definitely has to go to the not polished acrylics, these are freaking bomb, if you are looking to expand your acrylic collection I highly recommend you guys to check out the not polish acrylics, this color specifically nude panther, you cannot go wrong with it goes with every single skin tone which is my all-time favorite when you find a good nude that goes with every skin tone.Do not let it go, keep restocking its going to be your best friend now for their jail top codes, we have gloss it from not polish and we also have magic from not polish both of these go hand in hand, they are both bomb, you get the shine, you got them at you guys know that I use matte top coat on all my nail art because it does make it pop and you get amazing photos with it, so make sure to check them out, don’t forget to use my discount code if you are looking to save a little bit of money now for our cuticle oil, you guys know that I absolutely love my profiles backstage cuticle oil, this stuff right here.This needs little award, it needs like the best cuticle oil award I am not exaggerating this stuff, it smells so good I freaking love the smell of it not only that but it’s not oily I do not like an oily cuticle oil and I know it’s cuticle oil, but this is what they call a velvet oil, it does not leave that greasy look, so I do highly recommend it, make sure you guys check them out they are super expensive I think they’re like three dollars a bottle and this is a lot of product for that price it does have glitter in it but it doesn’t really show whenever you actually put it on now another item on my not so very important, but kind of important you kind of needed items.It’s going to be these opie I lint free wipes I use this on every single set no matter what I’m doing whether it’s my prep or finish cleansing the nail or I need to wipe off a mistake when I’m doing nail art, these things are so bomb, they just last forever, it comes with a lot of wipes, so this pack comes with 325 wives and when you purchase it on Amazon, it comes in a package of three so you get three of these which equals out to almost a thousand wipes for ten dollars which, I think, is really really amazing and another item that I did forget to mention in the beginning is definitely going to be a buffer, these look like the files themselves, but it is a buffer, it’s nice and soft, you can file buff away make sure everything is perfectly smooth for your gel application or your topcoat application, these are definitely crucial, you do need them for every service you can find these on profiles back.